Sharia Law - Coming to a Town Near You!

Tue Mar 27 12:47:48 MDT 2007

Richard W wrote:
> There is a growing cancer in the US that the Communist media won't cover, and it's the attempt by radical Islamics to bring Sharia law to a city near you. This is the law that allows a daughter to be beheaded if she doesn't marry who the father tells her to. 
> Recently a judge in Germany ruled against a Muslim woman who was filing for divorce from her husband. The judge ruled that Sharia law overruled German law, in that Islamic women must wait one year before a divorce is final, even though the husband is allowed to beat his wife. The woman filing the law suit was tired of being beaten by her husband.
> Ya really got to love those friendly Muslims!
> Richard

Hopefully the woman in Germany can appeal.  Someone should explain to 
the woman judge that sharia law means she's not allowed to be a judge. 
She's not allowed to be outside her home without the permission of her 
male owner.  If she's raped she gets beaten because she was in the 
company of a male not her husband.


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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