Al Gore - The Offset Brain

Richard W 8179251075 at MMS.MYCINGULAR.COM
Sun Mar 25 23:21:39 MDT 2007

By now we've seen Al Bore plastered over the news, after his scam presentation before a Senate committee. Sen Imhoff (R), Oklahoma, attempted to get Alscam to take a pledge to reduce the energy output at his Tennessee home to that of the average American within one year. Bore, in typical politician fashion, ducked the question and went off on another tangent altogether. Gore doesn't wish to acknowledge that his TN home uses 20 times the energy usage of the average American. He wants the Lemmings of the world to believe he cares about the Earth when he purchases carbon offsets from his own company, while at the same time continuing to waste energy at the same current rate. What a pathetic scam artist/snake oil salesman.

What say you?

Carbon Offset Regards,
Richard Whitenight

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