Another Bites The Dust

Tue Mar 20 22:59:07 MDT 2007

Richard W wrote:
> Yesterday, the State of Texas executed it's 9th man this year by 
 > lethal injection.
> I must admit that the death penalty does not act as an effective 
 > deterrent to someone who might kill someone for the first time,
 > but it does make an effective deterrent to that individual from
> killing again after he or she is caught and convicted of the crime 
 > of murder.

It shouldn't be about a deterrent to further murders.  The objective of 
putting a murderer through the justice system should be to punish him 
for his crime.  This may persuade someone else not to commit murder. 
However it WILL ensure the executed man doesn't take anyone else's life.

> I also like the fact that the State of Texas is considering the 
 > death penalty for a sex offender who commits the act of sexual
 > assault on a minor after having recieved a prior conviction for
 > the same type of offense.

I like it.  If a man is going to rape a child after serving several 
years in prison for such a crime, it proves the man cannot be 
rehabilitated. It also shows he'll continue to molest kids every chance 
he gets for as long as he lives.

Also I'd love to see the first appeal after this is put into law.  I 
want to see the ACLU defend a pervert who molested a child, served 
several years in prison and did it again.

Now if I had my way, the pervert would be put to death the first time. 
That way there wouldn't be a second offense.

My only concern would be the sort of cases that got a lot of attention 
in the news in the late 80s and early to mid 90s.  The girl had sex with 
someone.  She later is afraid she might be pregnant.  So she cries rape 
and makes up a description.  The cops bring some guys in for a lineup 
and she picks one.  Problem is that the guy she picked was innocent. 
The next thing you know, the innocent man has spent several years in 
prison and is only released when DNA evidence proves that he couldn't 
have been guilty.

> Your thoughts?
> Richard


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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