Another Bites The Dust

John Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Tue Mar 20 22:41:48 MDT 2007

At 12:05 AM 3/21/2007, Richard W wrote:
>Yesterday, the State of Texas executed it's 9th man this year by lethal 
>injection. I must admit that the death penalty does not act as an 
>effective deterrent to someone who might kill someone for the first time,

         Sometimes it does.........lookit, it's kept the Hildebeast from 
bumping off the ol' man.................

>but it does make an effective deterrent to that individual from killing 
>again after he or she is caught and convicted of the crime of murder.

         Dead men tell no tales..............

>I also like the fact that the State of Texas is considering the death 
>penalty for a sex offender who commits the act of sexual assault on a 
>minor after having recieved a prior conviction for the same type of 
>offense. Your thoughts? Richa

         Light him up like a Roman Candle and give him a packet of Jiffy 
Pop. This way, he can not only provide some entertainment for family 
members of the victim, but he can also provide some sustenance for them, as 

John Q.

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