Will The Next President Actually Be Worse?

Mon Mar 19 14:33:27 MDT 2007

For a long time Quinn has occasionally mentioned Larry Nichols.  He 
often does his favorite Nichols quote in his voice.  Speaking of the 
Clintons, Larry Nichols once said: "Quinn.  They're never going away."

John Quayle wrote:
>          */Rose also thinks the Hildebeast will win. Jim Quinn does not, 
> however. Larry Nichols knows the woman as well as anyone, save her 
> husband. I don't want to say it is a fait accompli, but I'm inclined to 
> believe that if Nichols is already calling the election in her favor, it 
> will take a group of conservatives to move Heaven and earth to see to it 
> that she does not win!
> John Q.
> /*At 03:03 PM 3/19/2007, Jim wrote:
>> You may be right.  If a forest fire is heading toward your house and 
>> the firemen can't get it under control; the news may be gloomy, but is 
>> still true.  Last Friday I heard Larry Nichols on Quinn's show 
>> Friday.  He predicts that Hillary will win the election.  Now THAT is 
>> gloomy.
>> William White wrote:
>>> This is the kind of gloomy prediction that depresses the spirit after 
>>> a long, hard winter:  The ship of state lurching under the command of 
>>> a succession of benighted leaders, who deceive a clamorous, ignorant 
>>> populace.
>>> Bill
>>> */John Quayle <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET>/* wrote:
>>>       *The Next President Will Be Worse*
>>>     Since the center is what will determine the election outcome, I
>>>     think that, although it now leans toward Giuliani, it will
>>>     ultimately go, narrowly, to Clinton.
>> -- 
>> "That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
>> Sidney "Pa" Larkin


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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