Global warming my a$$

Sun Mar 18 17:29:25 MDT 2007

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> Enjoying the "warming" very much. Ski Mountain has more slopes open 
> right now with more snow than any March in recent history... except of 
> course for the record snowfalls of '93-'94... and the near record snows 
> of '95-'96....... hmmm.... seems we've had a lot of bad winters 
>  lately.......funny how much anecdotal evidence there is to support the 
> theory of "global cooling"....
> Sorry to hear about your bad weather. Looks like a bad year for air 
> conditioning bills..

But a great year for people who own stock in APS and for the guys who 
make their living repairing air conditioners.


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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