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Thu Nov 4 17:51:54 MST 2004

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At 12:42 AM 11/4/2004, you wrote:
>How nutty will the liberals be now?  They appear to think they weren't far
>enough to the left.  They appear to think they didn't get nutty enough.
>What will the liberals be like in 2008?  Let them think they need to get
>even crazier.  Let them think they need Howard Dean.
>I can't wait.

I can. This whole loony left stuff was orchestrated by the clintons. Now
Hillary will come along to move the Democrat party back to the center so
she can set herself up as the party savior and the nomination in 08. She
will pretend to be a centrist and win the election then immediately move to
the extreme left showing her true colors. I think she is the real victor
here and the rest of us are celebrating only a short term victory. I don't
see anyone in the Republican wings that can step up in 08.

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