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You've heard of Pretty Boy Floyd.

        He was Charles Arthur Floyd. He was a murderer who participated in the
Kansas City Massacre in 1933 when four law enforcement officers, including
one FBI special agent, were killed. A year later, Floyd was killed by FBI
agents and local police while resisting arrest.

        Now I want to tell you about Pretty Boy Fraud.

        He is John Edwards. He's running for vice president of the United States
and the nation has no idea of who this man really is, how he built his
fortune by bilking innocent doctors, hospitals and businesses, throwing
more Americans out of work, driving up medical costs and investing his
millions overseas.

        Why is he a fraud? Because he is selling himself to the American people,
with the help of a complicit and passive news media, as a fighter for the
little guy, son of a humble mill worker and champion of the underdog. In
truth, he is a greedy victimizer, the personification of what most
Americans detest about lawyers, the charming tool of powerful international
special interests.

        Edwards is not just a trial lawyer. He's the kind of trial lawyer who lies
to win big cases. He's the kind of trial lawyer who makes up facts in an
effort to extort money from innocent people. He's the kind of trial lawyer
who has turned our country into the most litigious society on the face of
the planet. He's the kind of trial lawyer who is costing you money and your

        Let's take, for example, his biggest cases - those that won him fortune
and fame. He won record jury verdicts and settlements in cases alleging the
botched treatment of women in labor and that their deliveries caused
infants to develop the brain disorder cerebral palsy.

        The best science on cerebral palsy strongly disputes a linkage between
anything that goes on in the delivery room and the ailment.

        Explains Dr. Murray Goldstein, a neurologist and medical director of the
United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation: "The
overwhelming majority of children that are born with developmental brain
damage, the ob/gyn could not have done anything about it, could not have,
not at this stage of what we know."

        He, like most of those who have studied cerebral palsy, believe it to be
the result of a genetic problem. Other studies indicate a contributing
cause might be a subtle infection in the brain before birth.

        But nobody actively involved in scientific research into the problem
believes malpractice by an obstetrician or gynecologist is a major
contributing factor.

        So how did Edwards prevail?

        The Boston Globe wrote that his trial summations "routinely went beyond a
recitation of his case to a heart-wrenching plea to jurors to listen to the
unspoken voices of injured children." He even spoke for the children who
couldn't speak for themselves.

        In other words, he manipulated jurors with emotion.

        This ambulance chaser convinced jurors that he felt the pain of injured
children, when, in fact, he was amassing a fortune worth an estimated $60
to $100 million at the expense of innocent doctors and hospitals, adding to
skyrocketing insurance premiums, skyrocketing medical costs and even
driving dedicated health-care professional out of business.

        How ironic that a guy who believes in no protections for the lives of the
unborn would build a fortune by claiming compassion for them.

        It's worth noting that Edwards kept not 10 percent of the jury awards he
won on behalf of his disabled little clients, not 20 percent, not 30
percent, but fully one-third. That's compassion?

        Edwards is also a fraud because of what he does with the money once he
extorts it or wins it under false pretenses.

        He claims he's a man of the people. He claims he wants to create more jobs
in America. He claims he wants to invest here at home and revitalize our

        But, once again, his actions speak louder than words. Between $1 million
and $5 million of his assets have been invested in the EuroPacific Growth
Fund. That money goes to create jobs all right - jobs in Japan, England,
anywhere but the USA.

        No wonder he dazzled the audience at the recent secretive meeting of
internationalists at the Bilderberg group in Italy. The New York Times said
his "performance" there may have been the key reason for his selection as a
running mate by John Kerry.

        Pretty Boy Floyd is no longer a menace to American society. But Pretty Boy
Fraud is hoping to use the skills he so successfully employed in the
courtroom to manipulate and shake down Americans on a much grander scale
than he did as a trial lawyer.


        "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage
where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens
may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of
human history, the stage of rule by brute force."  [Ayn Rand, The Nature of

For Liberty in Our Lifetime,
R.J. Tavel, J.D., Founder
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