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carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Fri Mar 7 21:30:03 MST 2003

I am thinking that Islam is still the greater long term threat and that
because without customers for his nuclear program NK can wait.  As I
understand it 2 MX sublaunched missles are enough to turn SK into an
island and NK into a lake.  Sodom however is a special hazard imagine
Anthrax in the oilfields no one could work there until the fields were
disinfected.  Can you say Stock crash in all three major markets.


On Tue, 4 Mar 2003 23:47:31 -0600 Richard A Whitenight
<rum.runner at JUNO.COM>

...  and the US "Little Red Riding Hood"?

I don't know about you, but to me, Korea is beginning to be more
important than Iraq any day, at least as a stronger and more immediate
threat with regards to pure power and capability to cause more deadly
damage.  I remember in April of 1970, when my ship was just about to
leave our Western Pacific (WESTPAC) cruise; we were on Soviet trawler
surveillance and one evening we felt the ships engines change from a
gentle speed of 10 knots to a robust 22-25 knots, and we were leaving our
area of responsibility off the coast of Vietnam, heading North at a fast
clip.  The very next morning we were heading due North into the Sea of
Japan towards Korea.  This was the year that North Korea shot down one of
our EC121 (electronic warfare aircraft, Lockheed Starlifter (i.e.
Constellations or tri-tail aircraft used by TWA in commercial use)),
resulting in the loss of approximately 16 or 22 lives.  The recent
interception of our KC135 aircraft, smacks of previous North Korean
incidents, whether it be the Pueblo or the EC121 shot down.  It seems to
me that they are pushing the "edge of the envelope", just trying to see
just how far they can push the US into a military conflict.  On the news
we see videos of North Koreans marching in their version of "Red Square"
and to me I find this frightening.  This reminds me of Nazi Germany and
their displays of personnel and weapons during their military parades.
We may be heading for a military conflict with Iraq in the coming weeks,
but we better be watching our "Six", because North Korea is feeling their
oats and an accident by one military commander could lead to a military
conflict with North Korea, which would be far more intense than anything
we'd have with Iraq.

What are your thoughts?

Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas

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