Quinn's first law

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Nov 6 09:55:47 MST 2002

At 04:38 AM 11/6/2002, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Quinn's first law is proven right again. For those of you who aren't
>familiar with Quinn's first law it's "Liberalism always generates the
>opposite of its stated intent."

         You folks gotta check out Jim's show from this morning! The man
was totally giddy! He said, "if you suddenly see lines on your TV screens,
don't be alarmed. It's just (CNN's) Judy Woodruff's mascara running from
her tears."

         Additionally, he jokes that Clinton is busy, mixing the "purple
kool-aid for Terry McAuliffe" and the DNC leader is "toast". There's a
Barbra Streisand suicide watch on.........it was a fun show!

John Q.
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