Food For Thought August 28, 2001

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Aug 28 16:16:27 MDT 2001

        my understanding of security blackmail is the
ability of blackmailers to "build upon" Condit's initial action
and "rattle his cage" enough to do personal/political 
damage in the overall Levy matter.

   To me the subject remains too "dicey" to let stand as a
possible security threat.

Ken Wyman
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  If I heard correctly, Condit's lawyer told Russert that Condit is less susceptible to blackmail, now that  his deceptive sexual  deeds have been publicized.   Presumably the blackmailer's leverage (exposing embarrassing facts) has been taken away. 

  "Kenneth E. Wyman" wrote: 

    Food For Thought         August 28, 2001 

    THE DEMS OWE THE NATION AN EXPLANATION...whyare they not removing Gary Condit from the very security 
    sensitive House Intelligence Committee. "This guy is 
    made to order for blackmail," former CIA officer 
    Duane "Dewey" Clarridge said Friday. 

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