How much does the kid get?

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>Walter Williams is filling in for Rush today.  He just mentioned that St.
>Louis spends $10,000 per child.  I've often heard how much per kid schools
>in one city or another spend.  My question is how much of that money is
>actually spent on the kid?  How much is spent on textbooks?  How much is
>spent on books for the school library?  How much is spent on lab equipment
>in the chemistry lab?  How much is spent on computers in the computer lab?
>I work part time at a local community college and one thing I've learned
>is that when some new computers arrive on campus, the first ones go to the
>staff in the various offices.  The students are the last ones to get
>access to the new equipment.

To put it in another perspective, thats $200,000 per classroom (assuming
20 students/class).  The obvious truth is much of it doesn't get spent on
the children.

In my school district, the cost works out to $10,500/student.  While I
think this is well beyond what education should cost, the buildings are
well maintained, the teachers have all of the necessary supplies, and the
students have access to numerous resources.

The Buffalo city schools spend $9500/student.  However, the conditions are
appalling at many of the schools- they can't afford to fix a hole in the
roof, or buy books or even chairs.  The teachers are forced to buy
supplies on their own.

Its a monopolistic Barclay, made worse by a liberal city government, and
is ridden with waste and inefficiency.  In contrast, there are about 80
private schools in Buffalo, most of which are Catholic where tuition is
under $2000/year (the church cover the other 50% of the cost).  These
schools aren't anything special, but they are in better shape than the
public schools.

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