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Sun Aug 26 17:08:20 MDT 2001

     Did  anyone happen to see that interview with the  President
     in  which he pronounced the federal budget "strong  and  ro-
     bust?"   _It  certainly is._ I am disgusted  that  he  takes
     pride  in  this fact.   Apparently he confuses  the  federal
     budget  with the American economy.  Can't tell the  parasite
     from its host.

     He broke another campaign promise yesterday.  He promised to
     quit backing IMF dollar dumps on failing foreign  economies.
     Well, he just endorsed an $8 billion IMF bailout for  Argen-
     tina.   Don't you think that $8 billion could do  some  good
     for our citizens here?

     Meanwhile  W. is too busy to call renegade federal  agencies
     like the EPA and the BLM to heel.  He ignores the plight  of
     the  farmers  in Klamath Falls.  He turns his  back  on  the
     ranchers whose cattle were unlawfully seized.  He could be a
     hero to the armed forces if he reversed the decision to give
     the Rangers' black beret to every new recruit, but he allows
     it to stand.

     For unknown reasons he lets George Tenet, CIA head,  abandon
     the  job of cleaning foreign spies out of the Agency and  go
     to the Middle East to do Colin Powell's job instead.  Did he
     forget that we have a State Department?  Doesn't anyone else
     think this is odd?

     RIP Republican Party.  It's time for a new act.

     Shelley  <sthomson at>

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