Lawyer Shows True Colors

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Aug 21 19:59:07 MDT 2001

This is horrible.  He showed no regard for human rights or respect for
human life.  The question is why was he speeding?   Was he under the
influence of alcohol?  Drugs?  Rushing to a client?

He was speeding and he fled the scene of the crime without offering any
aid or immediately stopping to help her.  Did he call 911 to get help
for her or just fled - doing nothing.  Did dragging her that 100 yards
contribute to her death or was she already dead after she was hit?
All these questions and more will have to be investigated and
answered.   They will influence his punishment.  Will he be disbarred
and will he be imprisoned?    Or will he have to pay a heavy fine and do
community service like heavy legal pro bono work for the poor?  Yes he
is now a criminal, because he killed a woman and he fled, but society
lets our lawyers get away with anything.  He did go back and give
himself up.

Still he is not much of a man.  Nothing honorable.  But the death
penalty - this was not premeditated it was an accident.   The only
difference is that 100 yards.  If she was injured but alive - then he
deliberately killed her by dragging her on.  If she was already dead -
that is different.  The continued driving dragging her if it killed her
is premeditated because the choice was he and he made the decision to
fled.  That would be deliberate murder.  They can argue that he was
shocked or insane in that moment and fled.   There are various ways to
defend him.

Marilyn Tomsky
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