WS>>Regulators Ready to Put Chains on Cyberspace

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Tue Aug 21 12:03:23 MDT 2001

How many of you believe the following statement is true?

Politicians no matter what form of government they're involved in
(democracy, dictatorship, etc) fear the internet because so far it has
proven to be a means of mass communication that enables any citizen to
write something and see it distributed all over the world.  A disgruntled
citizen can use it to bypass the print and broadcast media in order to
organize a protest of whatever it is he wants to protest.  The way the
internet is currently set up, it is difficult for the government to censor
what is exchanged via the net.  China has a firewall for the whole nation
that allows the government to block certain sites.  As long as the
firewall allows something to pass through it, it is possible to send

Politicians don't like the freedom the internet gives their people and
they seek to heap all the regulations they can on it.

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