WS>>What does global tax reporting have to do with slavery?

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Aug 20 20:55:23 MDT 2001

     Think  about  it. When people cannot vote  with  their  feet
     without  being taxed by the U.N. and having chunks of  their
     income remitted to their country of origin, they do not  own
     themselves. They are the property of their country of origin
     and  country  of residence. The deterioration  of  political
     discourse  in  the United States and Europe has  dulled  the
     concept  of slavery. A slave, like a serf, is a  person  who
     does not work for himself. He works for others, just as  you
     and  I do when we pay income tax. A sales or excise  tax  is
     consistent with freedom because it establishes no claim to a
     person's labor. If a purchase tax becomes too onerous, black
     markets  will  emerge  to curtail  government's  greed.  Few
     slavemasters  punished a shirking slave as severely  as  the
     IRS punishes a shirking taxpayer. An under-performing  slave
     might receive a whipping or short rations for a while, but a
     taxpayer  is  robbed  not only of his  income  but  also  of
     several  years  of his life spent in prison  for  income-tax
     evasion.  Slavemasters understood that human labor  was  too
     valuable  to  lock away in a dungeon, but  the  IRS  regards
     shirking as slave rebellion and puts it down mercilessly. So
     will  the  OECD and the U.N. Indeed, global  reporting  will
     permit parties in power to pursue political opponents across
     national  boundaries  and to dispossess  groups,  ethnic  or
     otherwise, that lose political struggles. Global tax report-
     ing  means the demise of individuals, dissent  and  freedom,
     and  the rebirth of gold coins in the mattress as a  favored
     financial institution." --Paul Craig Roberts

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