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Asking for an Informed Voter Is Racist
Neal Boortz
Friday, Aug. 16, 2001
For those of you who don’t think this country is on the brink, this
should just about push you over the edge.
Here’s the deal. The Florida Legislature didn’t want a repeat of the
debacle that occurred last fall with the election. So, various election
reform provisions have been put into effect. The Legislature came to the
simply amazing conclusion that some of the responsibility in the voting
process lies with the actual voter.
The Legislature created something that has the ACLU spinning on its
eyebrows and spitting wooden nickels. It’s a list of "Voter
Responsibilities.” The Florida Legislature wants this notice to be posted
at all polling places. The ACLU says no way.
It must be a nasty list, right? Onerous. A list of Voter Responsibilities
that nobody could possibly be expected to adhere to. A clear attempt to
keep minorities away from the polls, right?
Well, judge for yourself. Here’s the list.
VOTER RESPONSIBILITIES (Fla. Stat. Sec. 101.031)
Each registered voter in this state has the responsibility to:
1. Study and know candidates and issues.
2. Keep his or her voter address current.
3. Know his or her precinct and its hours of operation.
4. Bring proper identification to the polling station.
5. Know how to operate voting equipment properly.
6. Treat precinct workers with courtesy.
7. Respect the privacy of other voters.
8. Report problems or violations of election law.
9. Ask questions when confused.
10. Check his or her completed ballot for accuracy.
Wow! Now that is one helluva lot to expect, isn’t it? Golly! I hope the
Florida voters are up to carrying that terrible burden on Election Day!
Well, maybe they won’t have to. You see, a little organization called the
American Civil Liberties Union has come to the rescue of the poor,
put-upon Florida voter!
The ACLU has filed a lawsuit
(http://www.aclufl.org/electionlaw081501.html ) in the Southern District
of Florida challenging this new Florida law. The ACLU thinks that these
requirements are burdensome and are a "throwback to the days of literacy
tests, and may disproportionately impact race and language minorities in
exercising the right to vote.”
One thing that really bothers the ACLU is the provision that a voter
actually study issues and candidates! The nerve! How dare you suggest
that voters actually have an idea of what in the hell they’re voting for!

Here’s an actual excerpt from the ACLU lawsuit: "Despite the
pronouncement of this new law, there is no independent statutory or
regulatory requirement that voters "know the candidates and the issues. 

Yeah! So there! There’s no law that says a voter has to know issues and
candidates, so how dare the Legislature state that a responsible voter
should walk into the voting booth with a modicum of knowledge? The ACLU
feels that it is a terrible violation of someone’s civil rights to
suggest that a voter should study and know the issues and candidates in
an election before they cast a vote!
Now, hold on a second. This might not be as absurd as you think it is –
at least not from the ACLU’s point of view. Think about this for a second
or two. The ACLU is a leftist organization, right? OK, this would mean
that the ACLU will be out there trying to protect the voters most likely
to cast leftist ballots. The ACLU knows that the less informed the voter,
the more likely it is that voter is going to vote Democratic – leftist,
if you will. To the ACLU, the ideal voter is one who can just barely
recognize the word "Democrat” or the letter "D” on a ballot! "Who is the
Democrat? That’s who I’m voting for!”
Here’s a possibility. The ACLU might actually be afraid that if some of
its precious Democratic voters actually DO study the issues and the
candidates, they damned well might not vote Democratic! Better to
encourage voters to be dumb, stupid and uninformed. That way they are
more likely to vote to the left.
(We should note that Georgia’s Gov. Roy Barnes, a Democrat, is
considering asking a special session of the Georgia General Assembly next
week to pass a law providing for straight party voting on Georgia
ballots. Barnes knows that the less a voter is informed on candidates and
issues the more likely that voter is to just vote a straight party ticket
– and the greater the likelihood that it will be a Democratic straight
party ticket, which means a vote for Barnes. Informed voters don’t vote
straight party tickets.)
There are some other gems hidden in the ACLU lawsuit and its accompanying
press release. Some lowlights:
We learn that the Voting Rights Act explicitly outlaws any requirement
that a voter be able to demonstrate the "ability to read, write,
understand or interpretate [sic] any matter” or demonstrate "knowledge on
any particular subject.” In other words, under federal law you can’t
require someone who votes to know what in the hell they are doing.
The list of Voter Responsibilities would "frighten voters away from the
polls. Good. Some voters need to be frightened away from the polls.
Signs in polling places intimidate voters. Yup, here’s the quote,
straight from the lawsuit: "Because of their lower educational
achievement rates minorities are less likely to be literate, less likely
to have studied the candidates and issues before voting, and are more
likely to be intimidated by signage in the polling place.” Just damn.
I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. There are too many people in this
country eligible to vote. Too many people at the polling places who have
absolutely no clue as to what and whom they are voting for. Many of these
voters are functional idiots – and you don’t turn over the
decision-making processes of our government to functional idiots.
1. What’s the REAL problem here? Let’s cut the crap. This isn’t about
denying voting rights. It’s about protecting people who vote Democratic.
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