Tx Appellate Court Gives Scum bag Temp Stay of Execution

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Aug 15 16:19:37 MDT 2001

Damian Beazley, convicted of Capital Murder, Attempted Capital Murder and
Car Jacking, has won a temporary stay of execution from a Texas Appellate
Court.  This scum bag of an individual committed these crimes when he was
17 years old.  His case has been seen by the U S Supreme Court, where
three of the nine judges excused themselves because they had conflicting
interest with a federal judge who was the father of the man who was
killed.  The remaining six judges were split 3-3, which was one shy of
overruling his death by lethal injection sentence.  His lawyers didn't
use the race issue, even though he is BLACK.  They didn't use a
diminished capacity or low IQ game plan.  They're not appealing because
this scum bag said he didn't do it, because he freely said he did it and
confessed as such.  They're only reason for appealing was because he was
17 at the time he committed the offense.  He's 25 now.
        Only five states allow for 17 year old subjects to be executed.
An additional 15 or more states allow 16 year olds to be executed.  I
honestly believe that the death sentence does not act as a deterrence
against someone committing murder, but it sure as hell does guarantee he
or she won't do it again.
        If Beazley should win this appeal and have his death sentence
overturned, because he was 17 when it occurred, what type of message will
this say to other 17 year olds, who might be placed in the same type of
predicament?  It would basically tell a 17 year old that you have a free
reign to murder anyone, because our liberal court system will only
sentence you to a long term in prison.
        What are your thoughts?

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