WS>>08-09-01 -- ACLU Action Update: Protect Internet Privacy!

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Fri Aug 10 21:50:36 MDT 2001

     TO: ACLU Action Network
     FR: Jared Feuer, Internet Organizer
     DT: August 9, 2001

     Ignoring  the privacy protections of the  Fourth  Amendment,
     the  Federal  Bureau of Investigations (FBI)  is  conducting
     searches  on  the  Internet through  an  online  wiretapping
     system  called  "Carnivore."  This  system  forces  Internet
     Service  Providers  (ISP's) to attach a black box  to  their
     networks - essentially a powerful computer running  special-
     ized  software  - through which all  of  their  subscribers'
     communications flow.

     In  traditional  wiretaps,  the government  is  required  to
     minimize its interception of non-incriminating - or innocent
     -  communications.  But Carnivore does just the opposite  by
     scanning through tens of millions of emails and other commu-
     nications  from innocent Internet users as well as the  tar-
     geted suspect.

     Take  Action!  Rep. Richard Armey (R-TX) has  recently  said
     that  he is considering seeking budget cuts to stop the  use
     of  Carnivore.  You can help keep the pressure up by  asking
     your Representative to join in the efforts to cage Carnivore
     from our action alert at:

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