Science Clones Humans - Gov't Controls Science?

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Wed Aug 8 02:50:22 MDT 2001

    Science is a bit like bamboo, which thrusts and grows according to
it own imperatives.  Often its practitioners lack core values, or if
they have them, they have compartmentalized them at the cost  of
personality and character integration.    However, the genie is out of
the bottle.  People, in greater or lesser numbers, will tend to do what
they are able to do.  Over time, the development of cloning can be
slowed and regulated but, short of international disaster, not
terminated.  When driving in San Francisco, I earnestly desire to have
good brakes.  Just so with cloning because the Brave New World is an
ominous vision  to be avoided whenever possible.

    I am old fashioned and prefer the traditional, spiritually
sanctioned, heterosexual pair bond  for human propagation.


Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>  One group of scientist want to clone a human embryo by the end of the
> year.  Another group says it's playing God, that it's unethical.  Our
> government wants to make it illegal to clone a human embryo.  Should
> the government control what direction science should take? I say "No,"
> they don't need to stick their head in what is not their territory.
> Government screws the citizens enough as it is.  They may not want to
> fund cloning, but I do not believe they have the right to control what
> advancements are made by the scientific community.  If our government
> wishes to be a socialist or communistic state, then they should
> declare such, instead of acting as if this was a true democracy.
> Science should be allowed to evolve, and not be stifled by
> ignorance. What are your thoughts on the matter? Regards,Richard W
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