Safety Standards For Mexican Trucks

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Mon Aug 6 20:41:30 MDT 2001

what I understand is that the trucks only go about 20 miles in to a drop
off depot and then return with a load going south to the drop off depot
south of the boarder.

As I remember this is really a cover for getting those triples on our
roads.  Trouble with them is the third trailer can not be adequately
controlled or corrected when it starts to wave like a flag in wind.


On Sun, 5 Aug 2001 19:02:06 -0500 Richard A Whitenight
<rum.runner at JUNO.COM> writes:
>Dear Mr President:
>Sir, I strongly feel that if Mexican truck drivers are allowed to drive
>their rigs on our US highway system, that many of them will be driving
>rigs that are unsafe and do not meet even the minimum standards for our
>own truck drivers.  Rigs of US truck drivers must meet federal
>they pay a heavy tax to drive their rigs throughout the United States.
>would hope sir, that any program that allows Mexican trucks to run on
>roads, must include the same safety standards that apply to our own
>truckers.  American truckers deserve no less.
>Respectfully yours,
>Richard Whitenight
>1018-3 W Pioneer Pwy
>Arlington, Texas 76013-6345

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