Are Psychics Psychic?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Aug 2 17:54:24 MDT 2001

Inside Edition showed an expose on Psychics, who aren't as psychic as
they'd want you to think they are. IE spoke of the fact that the FBI is
unable to find any cases in which a psychic solved one of their cases.
In fact, psychics are more likely to relieve you of your money and take
advantage of you when your emotions are at their lowest point.  IE showed
a fairly well known psychic a picture of one of their staff members when
they were a little child.  This psychic told the IE employee, who was
purporting to be a relative looking for a lost sister, that his sister
had suffered a traumatic death, that he saw a broken neck, that she
gasped for life.  He even went as far as to show the individual where his
sister was buried, and that he should show this diagram to the police

IE then has an interview with the psychic, using the guise of displaying
the psychics talents.  He is introduced to the "dead sister" (IE staff
member), at which time he advises that he stood by his initial assessment
of the photograph he saw, and before he even met the staff member,
bragged that he had helped a major police department solve a missing
persons case.  It didn't take long to get this psychic to end the
interview and say he wasn't going to continue if their intention was to
"blast me".

I love it when they fakes are shown to be who they really are.
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