Religious Zealots Forcing Their Viewpoint on Society

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>And shouldn't the same be true in reverse?

It can't be by faith.

>In my mind, it is not close minded to be comfortable in one's beliefs.  To
>me, it is closed minded (actually, I believe it is more arrogant than close
>minded) to believe that we, as mortals, have a total comprehension of our
>infinite God's infinite plan for the Universe.  Consequently, I believe
>there is room for some differences of opinions.  In fact, I believe it is
>what God expects of us - to use the mind he gave us.  If one expects me to
>listen to and/or respect his or her opinion, then he or she should be
>prepared to listen to mine.  If not, don't share the opinion.
>I have seldom found anyone willing.

Nope. Once someone believes they understand the truth, it is sacrilege, in
their minds, to allow themselves to be tempted by Satan or his minions into
being led away from the straight and narrow. You can disagree and might
even be right but you cannot condemn them for holding to what they believe
as their faith and behaving in accordance with it. That was one of the
reasons this country was started.

Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, the only ones left toward which the PC
police allow us to be intolerant are Christians. That is why we are allowed
to call them names without being condemned. Suppose it was a group of black
Americans protesting? Anyone want to bet that there would be howls of
racism across the nation if someone called them zealots?

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