Religious Zealots Forcing Their Viewpoint on Society

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Aug 1 19:40:39 MDT 2001

>That's because if they believe they are to do as Jesus says and spread His
>word any other view is irrelevant. One can argue they are close minded but
>that is their religion. One can question their religion but one should not
>be surprised if they are rejected out of hand.

And shouldn't the same be true in reverse?

In my mind, it is not close minded to be comfortable in one's beliefs.  To
me, it is closed minded (actually, I believe it is more arrogant than close
minded) to believe that we, as mortals, have a total comprehension of our
infinite God's infinite plan for the Universe.  Consequently, I believe
there is room for some differences of opinions.  In fact, I believe it is
what God expects of us - to use the mind he gave us.  If one expects me to
listen to and/or respect his or her opinion, then he or she should be
prepared to listen to mine.  If not, don't share the opinion.

I have seldom found anyone willing.

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