Religious Zealots Forcing Their Viewpoint on Society

Dudley D. Doright f16rsdad at JUNO.COM
Wed Aug 1 13:26:29 MDT 2001

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001 10:31:54 -0400 "John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET>
At 05:37 PM 7/31/01 -0500, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

I am so sick and tired of these pompous religious zealots who feel they
need to force their moral values on the public.  <snip>

        Richard, it's a tall order, but up to folks like you to set these
people straight. Besides, there's more sex going on in the corridors of
Washington, DC, than in Hooters. Time to set the record straight.

John Q.

Correct John.  These are the same Morons who worship the likes of Klintin
& Condit.

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