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> > At 08:16 AM 6/26/00 -0500, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
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> > HIT THAT MUTE BUTTON!... Denis Miller is coming to Monday Night
> > Football.
> >
> >         Whew! Am I ever glad the Steelers aren't playing any Monday
> >Nighters, this coming season! Heck, if that's what football is
> >lacking, let's dress both teams in clown suits, so we can all have a
> >good laugh!
> >
>That is a quandry for me John. Down here about the only Steelers
>games I see are Monday night games. I can always turn off the volume
>and get a live feed from the internet. I'd put up with Miller to see
>a Steelers game but then I'm a real diehard Steelers fan.

           Not the way they're playing lately, Dennis!!! They were
b-a-a-a-a-d  this past season! Their 7 - 9 record doesn't really illustrate
the hideousness of the entire season. Lemmie just say that the Steelers
were soundly whipped by the perpetual cellar-dwelling Cincinnati Bengals....

         I like the Steelers, too. I remember the pre-Bradshaw days, when
the Steelers were the joke of the NFL. I guess I got spoiled by seeing them
win four Super Bowls in a time frame of six years......

John Q.
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