Emery: The descent into the gutter

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Wed May 6 10:36:00 MDT 1998

>From Emery's article found at http://www.cspc.org/Articles/conscience.htm

Noemie Emery writes in The Weekly Standard :

" ... Clinton can survive only by defining dignity down, by eroding
the standards of grandeur we have for his office. And liberals are
only too glad to go along. In place of the uplifting words of Martin
Luther King, today's liberals have given us a new mantra: "Everybody
does it," or "Grow up," or, "So what?" Everyone cheats, then lies
about cheating. Silly old us, to think a president ought to be honest.

Everyone also takes money, and then lies about it -- which Clinton was
forced to do by the system. So, step by step, keeping pace with Bill
Clinton, the Party of Conscience descends into the gutter. Gloria
Steinem winks at groping and perjury. Eleanor Clift gives a thumbs-up
to blackmail. And so on, ad nauseum.

These progressives, picking up for Clinton, believe in double standards,
for themselves and for their political enemies. This is the textbook
idea of corruption. This is what corruption is. The progressive wing
of the Democratic party and the civil-rights movement are the most
corrupt forces in American politics."

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