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>>        I have feverishly searched several achival databases,
>desparately seeking
>>the quote about human belching being discussed at the Kyoto
>>have come up swinging - empty as a pocket - (he said, rather
>>        I *KNOW* that Mark White sent something 'round in C-News in
>December on
>>this........sheesh! Sorry (cue the music - "What A Fool Believes" by
>>Doobie Brothers would fit rather nicely)
>Although this is a family channel there is no delicate way to clear
>this up. The issue was not human belching. The issue was cow farts
>putting ozone destroying methane into the atmosphere. The solution
>was to require all dairy farms to install methane recovery systems
>and septic systems. That lasted as long as it took them to figure out
>the price of milk would go to $12.00/gallon.

        FWIW,  I *SWEAR* I saw something on drinking beer and belching. I kid you
not! BTW, methane still gets into the atmosphere via coal retrieval
(mining).........whether deep, or strip.

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