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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
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> How I agree with you!.  I go to school and work on the Upper West Side in
> Manhattan.  The tincup brigade abound.  Many are on welfare, SSI,
> whatever that's free, the majority are either drug users or alcoholics.  I do
> not give them money or food; the money they use to buy drugs & alcohol,
> the food they sell to get money to buy drugs and alcohol.  Some guys sell
> books, those I would buy for that entails some form of work on their part to
> make a sale.  My sentiment is they already have their hands in my pocket
> through the state, there's no reason for them to be collecting dessert money
> from the little remaining to me.
> Absent government interference, I've done for the poor and needy what
> every Christian should, and with a willing, cheerful heart; I resent the
> government *taking* my money from me to do it.

In my younger days (more liberal then) I had been approached many times in
cities around the country by panhandlers asking for money to buy food. In some
of my softer moments, rather than give them cash, which could be misspent as
you indicate, I invited them to the nearest burger joint. Amazingly, not one
accepted the offer. When they realized I would not give them cash they walked
away grumbling (and I don't mean their stomachs). I won't go so far as to say
the were looking for drug money but they really didn't want food either. The
clearly wrong approach is to give them cash. We need to go back to the old
methods (the ones that reduced poverty from 30% to 14% before the 60's) of
private charitable organizations with gave out clothes (difficult to convert
to cash) and soup kitchens (impossible to convert to cash) and of course
shelter. This had the added benefit of providing strong incentives to become
self sufficient as it should be. As Rush says the cruelest thing our government
does to the poor is provide welfare which rewards sloth and punishes

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