Welfare State is Bankrupt!

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Thu Jun 22 19:31:04 MDT 1995

I just turned 60, and I would welcome a one time check from the gummit
for just my contributions alone with or without interest. Let me go
down the road and handle my own life. At least if I loose it, its my
fault, no one elses.
I cannot abide these "senior" citizens who are beating the drum for the
continuation of all of these "benefits" when they are dooming their
grandkids to a lifetime expentancy of 82% tax rates. I will not sit by
and idly let them do that to my 4.3 grandkids. Better I wrap myself
around a pole in my car than see them under such oppressive tax
burdens. What can't my peers [60 plus years] see this?
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>Subject: Welfare State is Bankrupt!
>Date: Thursday, June 22, 1995 7:53PM
>Isn't it time to admit that the Welfare State is now bankrupt and we just
>can't do it anymore.  My parents are in their early 60s and I bet they won't
>be able to collect social security because the system is going down.  The
>debate can no longer be centered around whether or not we Should but whether
>or not we CAN.  AFDC, SSI, Etc Etc are susidizing laziness and draining the
>coffers of the middle class.  Sooner or later, hopefully sooner the stuffs
>going to hit the fan.
>Sorry to all those liberals out there, but I think that the sacred cows no
>longer have a pasture to graze in.  It's just a matter of time when all the
>politicians realize this.  Better to get the programs (cows) cut down now
>than to wait any longer and let them do more harm.
>-Darin (Time to DOWNSIZE the rest of the government!)

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